17 Best, Creative Easter Sunrise Service Ideas for 2024

Easter is one of the most important Sundays of the year. Many people only attend church on Easter Sunday, so creating an excellent worship service is essential. 

It is an opportunity to reach people who do not attend church often. Because Easter is important, there can be pressure to have a creative and fun worship experience. You might even worry that your service is not going to be special enough, but we want to help you with ideas for your Easter sunrise service. 

Here are 17 ideas to make sure that your Easter sunrise service is extra special. 

1. Give people flowers

Easter Flowers

The first idea for an Easter sunrise service is to send everyone out with flowers. People associated Easter with flowers because flowers symbolize life. Easter is about celebrating the new life that Jesus had. 

Easter is also a Spring holiday, which means that most flowers are in bloom. Because flowers are associated with Easter, giving out flowers at Easter is a great way to celebrate. 

The congregation will also like that you are sending them home with something. It is a kind gesture to give out flowers for Easter. 

2. Perform a skit

Sunrise services are early in the morning. Congregants might be sleepy during service because it’s so early. It might even be difficult for them to pay attention because they are so tired. 

A way to combat their tiredness is to have a skit during service that keeps their attention. When people are focused on the skit, they won’t fall asleep. 

You can perform a skit of the Easter story. People learn differently from each other, so having a special sermon element can help. It can break up the monotony of a sermon and help the congregation to understand the significance of Easter. 

3. Have a Pinata

Easter pinata

Another idea to change up your Easter sunrise service is to have a pinata. Having a pinata is a classic way to celebrate Easter. 

A pinata can help keep the whole family engaged. As mentioned earlier, many families only visit a church on Easter Sunday. Easter is an opportunity to reach, not just parents, but kids too. By having a fun pinata, kids will find your service enjoyable, and they will want to come back. 

There are a few things that you need to make this work.

  • A pinata
  • A stick
  • Candy 
  • Bags for kids to pick up the candy with

By having all these things, you ensure that your Easter sunrise services have the best pinata experience. Kids will love it. 

4. Create new welcome signs

People get used to seeing the same signs in the parking lot every Sunday. At a certain point, they stop noticing them, but Easter is a great time to switch those up. 

Having new signs at the entrance to your campus tells congregants that there is something special about this Sunday. Furthermore, sometimes church signs can get dated, so this is a chance to invest in better-looking ones. 

Getting new signs means that you are putting your absolute best into your Easter sunrise service. 

5. Redecorate the Lobby

Another cosmetic upgrade to your Sunday service experience, redecorating the lobby is a good choice for your Easter Sunday Services. 

Similar to the signs, your congregation gets used to seeing the lobby the way that it is, so we recommend switching it up.

You can add:

  • Flowers 
  • Mirrors
  • Cardboard Cut-outs 

Redecorating the lobby of your church for Easter Sunday is an excellent opportunity to liven up your environment for first-time guests and seasoned congregants. 

6. Give out Free Food

Another idea for your Easter sunrise service is to give out food. Many families go to Easter brunch after Sunday service, but giving people food can be a fun addition. 

Some ideas for food on Easter Sunday are:

  • Donuts 
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Rice Crispy Treats

There are many different foods that you can use, but regardless having a food element on Easter Sunday is a good idea. It is worth implementing into your Easter sunrise service. 

7. Easter egg hunt

Hosting an Easter egg hunt is a classic Easter idea. Families will love getting to search for eggs together. 

This is also a special opportunity to promote your services to the community. Parents might be more willing to come if they know there will be an Easter egg hunt for their children.

Ultimately, egg hunts are a great way to get your entire congregation involved in your Sunday service.  

8. Create a Photo booth

Because Easter is a special holiday, people love to dress up and take pictures. A photo booth encourages families and friends to take pictures together.

In addition to this, you can create a sign that tells people to tag your church on social media whenever they take their photos. That will help your church to get more engagement on its social media pages.

Bonus point if you position someone to take the pictures and provide free family photos to the people who are taking the photos.

9. Host the Easter bunny

Although we know Sunday morning is all about Jesus, having an Easter bunny can be a fun element in your children’s service. Easter Day is definitely about God, and we don’t want to distract from that. 

As long as the message about Jesus is clear, it is okay to have the Easter bunny for the kids to take pictures with. 

10. Take communion with the congregation

Communion is another element that you should consider adding to your Easter Sunrise Service. 

Easter is the perfect time to take communion. Communion is about remembering the body of Christ and the blood of Christ, and Easter is about celebrating Jesus’ victory over those things. It goes well to take communion because it reminds the congregation that Jesus did die and come back. 

11. Have a unique video element

Another way to teach about the empty tomb on Easter is to have a video. People are conditioned to pay attention to videos, so adding a video element can help your congregation grasp the meaning of Easter.

Sermons are a great way to help your congregation understand the emotion of Easter, but a better way to get your congregation emotionally invested is to have a video element. 

Many different videos explain the Easter story in unique ways, so check out this article with a few different options.

12. Add special Worship elements

Easter Sunday worship is another opportunity to connect people with God. During worship on Easter Sunday, you should consider adding a special element.

Some ideas for special worship elements on Easter Sunday are:

  • Having a new song
  • Having a new guest worship leader
  • Asking someone to read a scripture on stage during worship 
  • Incorporating new instruments into the worship experience

There are so many different things that you can do to change up worship for Easter Sunday. Tons of people will enjoy the change, and new guests will be wowed by the excellent worship experience. 

13. Play with cascarones

Cascarones are another fun element of the Easter Season. Shaped like Easter eggs, cascarones are a great way to liven up the celebration of Easter. 

Cascarones are fun, but they can also be messy. If you do use cascarones during your Easter Sunday service, try to keep them outside the building. 

Cascarones can bring a lot of excitement and fun to your Easter Sunday service. They are a worthwhile addition to the sunrise service. 

14. Have an Easter Scavenger hunt for the kids

A variation on an Easter egg hunt, hosting a kids scavenger hunt is a great way to celebrate Easter, while also observing the reason for Easter. 

Some congregations prefer not to celebrate with an Easter egg hunt, so it might be better to celebrate via a scavenger hunt.

You can hide different things that relate to the Easter story to help the kids understand why we celebrate Easter. Then, you can give a prize to the winning kid. 

15. Host an easter game

Celebrating the risen lord should be fun. Games are not just for the kids or student ministry.

Games are another great way to lead into your Easter Sermon. They can even serve as sermon illustrations.

Some recommended Easter games are:

  • Easter Trivia 
  • Egg Toss
  • Egg Race

These games are fun and will keep your congregation engaged during your Easter sunrise service.

16. USE a new countdown with color

Another idea for an Easter sunrise service is to change the countdown video that you regularly use. Like the signs, countdown videos can become bland and boring, but for Easter, you can change it up.

Because Easter is a floral holiday, look for countdowns with tons of color to catch people’s eyes. 

17. Add Changes to the Stage

Easter service is another opportunity to vary your stage design. On Easter, you want your stage to look great, so adding new elements to your stage design can be used to catch people’s eyes. 

You can put flowers, new lights, or a rug on stage to change up the look. It does not have to be anything expensive or wild, but it should be enough to grab people’s attention.

Easter Sunday is a great opportunity to celebrate Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit through a Sunrise service. 

Tons of people who never come to church, show up on Easter weekend. It is an incredible opportunity to make an impression on them for God. 

You can use any of these ideas to help upgrade your Easter Sunday sunrise service and help you retain more people from Easter Sunday. 

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