12 Free Christian Skits & Plays for Church & Youth

Christian Skits

Church skits are a great way of communicating spiritual truth through something other than a sermon. Skits can help your audience see the stories that you are trying to tell them about. Skits might connect with younger audiences, but they will also appeal to the older people in the congregation if they are done tastefully.

Jesus taught using stories, so using skits can be a great way of communicating Bible lessons from God’s word. The Christian faith is built on the beliefs in the Bible, and there are tons of true stories in the Bible. Choosing the right stories to adapt into plays can be challenging, but in this article, we lay out a few stories that might be good to adapt. 

When it comes to choosing a skit for your church, it is important to take into account the audience and setting of the play. If it is during Sunday morning service, and you want to still do a message alongside it, it might be good to do a short skit. If your audience is the youth group, it might be good to make it humorous.  

Putting on a church skit can be intimidating because you have to create the skit, find the main actors, find the supporting actors, and organize rehearsals. There are so many things that go into producing a skit, so churches might be intimidated from doing a skit. Hopefully, this article can help encourage you and your church to produce a skit.  

Skits for Youth Groups 

Youth Group Skits

Whether you are looking for funny Camp Skits or more serious skits, skits are a great way to communicate with students. Students are wired to learn through stories, so using a humorous skit to preach can go over very well. 

When it comes to skits for youth groups, you want to create something that is relatable to the students. The Bible can feel distant from today’s society, so re-framing Biblical topics in today’s context can be a huge win for your student ministry.

The Baldy, the Boys, and the Bears 

One funny skit that you could do for your youth group is the story of Elisha in 2 Kings 2:23-24. In one of the most hysterical Biblical stories, Elisha is being made fun of for being bald, so he asks God for help. God sends two bears to maul 42 boys. There are a few points that you could make using this story. The first is the importance of respecting your elders. Elisha is a prophet from God, and by disrespecting Him they are disrespecting God. Elisha was a leader, and those boys were being disrespectful.

You can tell the students that, although God might not send bears to attack them if they are disrespectful, it is important to respect the authorities that God puts in their lives. 

Beyond that, you could talk about the power of prayer, and how Elisha prayed to God for help. God helped Elisha when he was being persecuted. Again, God might not send bears to attack someone who is mean, but the Bible is clear that God is a defender of the persecuted. 

Lunch Room Skits

A Biblical skit that isn’t an adaptation of a Biblical story might be a good idea too. While giving a message, you can take a moment to break from the message and do this skit:

Set the stage up like a lunchroom and show the students how the topic that you are teaching might play out in the lunchroom. For example, if you are teaching about reaching the lonely, you could have a group of students at a lunch table hanging out and talking.

You could have another table with someone who is alone. One of the students can set an example by either inviting the lonely person to the table with them or going to sit with the lonely person. After that, all of the other students can join in to show the importance of leading by example. 

Another way that this play could work is if you set up a lunch table and have the students gossip about the teacher and other classmates. One of the students can stand up for the people they are talking about. In the message, you can speak about the importance of being uplifted by what you say. 

There are many different applications for lunchroom skits because it’s all about showing how the message would play out at school. Any student that goes to public or private school can relate to being in the lunchroom, so it can be very effective. 

A Modern Telling of Shadrack, Meeshack, and Abednego 

Another Bible-based skit that you could do for students is a more modern telling of the story of Shadrack, Meeshack, and Abednego. Although the students probably don’t have friends who are literally worshipping golden statues, you can create a scenario where a group of students is going to a party. Everyone is going to be at the party. Not going to the party would mean that the students would lose their popularity and their friends. 

You could show a group of friends who band together, and choose to host a Bible study instead of going to the party. 

Within the youth group message, you could tell the students the original story of Shadrack, Meeshack, and Abednego. After telling them the story, you could talk about how many of their friends might bow down to what society wants them to do, but that they are called to stand strong together. 

These are just a few ideas for skits that students can take part in during service. Depending on the message topic, you can adjust the skits to find ways to communicate what the message is about. 

Bible Skits

Beyond the youth group, skits can be great for the worshipping congregation at your church. There are plenty of Bible characters whose lives you could adapt into a play. Bible-based skits are a great way to take the stories of the Bible and retell them with more modern detail. 

The parable of the Prodigal Son

The Parable of the Prodigal Son would be a great adaptation for a longer skit. It is already a narrative story so adapting it would not be too difficult. The Parable of the Prodigal Son does have some cultural, specifications to it though. Within those specifications, you can always put in more modern detail. 

You can show a son asking for his inheritance and going to bad places. You can show them gambling and drinking away all their money. Following that, you could show that son begging on a street corner for money, then coming to the revelation that he should go back to his father. 

The son would return to the father, and the father would throw a cookout for the son with a huge crowd. 

The Parable of the Prodigal Son would be a great Bible story to adapt into a skit format so that it can be shown in a more modern way. 

The Story of Jonah 

The Story on Jonah

Jonah is another story in the Bible that might be a good skit adaptation. If you are writing a message on God’s calling, you could use the story of Jonah to show that God is in control and that we should yield to God’s will. 

The skit could contain a person who got a calling from God that they didn’t want to do. They had other things in mind, but God was certain that He wanted them to accomplish the task. The person’s delayed obedience could cause problems in their life, and the person would eventually be re-directed to where God wanted them to serve in the first place. 

The Story of Noah – God’s Promise

The final story that might make a good skit is the story of Noah. God told Noah that He was going to flood the Earth. Noah was obedient, so He did what God told him to. 

This is the inverse of the Jonah story, as Noah was immediately obedient. You could use the two stories to create a comparison between the two people. 

Within the skit, there could be a person who gets a calling from God, and they do it immediately. At the end of the skit, you could have God give them a promise like He did to Noah. 

In your message, you could talk about how obedience to God leads to blessing and protection. 

Mini Skits 

If you are putting a skit in the Sunday morning service, you might not want them to take up the whole service. Short skits are a great way to communicate something without taking up the entire church service. So, if you’re looking for a short skit, you’ve come to the right place. Each one of these skits should take less than 5 minutes to do

The Good Samaritan 

Here you can focus on God’s love and the love that we are supposed to have for others. The story of the Good Samaritan is a quick one in scripture, so it would also be a quick skit during a Sunday morning service. The story of the Good Samaritan already has enough detail to adapt, so there isn’t much challenge in this one. 

The Story of the Burning Bush 

Another skit that would work for a Sunday service is the story of the Burning Bush. In the story of the Burning Bush, God called Moses to go and save the people in Egypt. Although God called Him, Moses doubted God. God was patient with Moses and had Aaron, Moses’ brother, help him in His journey. 

This skit could help communicate the love and patience of God. It could show that God can use people who are insecure at first. 

Easter Skits 

The Story of Jesus Christ – The Free Offer of Eternal Life 

For a longer Easter Skit, you could tell the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I would recommend starting from the last supper, but if your service is pressed for time, you could start from the trial with Pilat.

This is a pretty straightforward skit, as it’s a simple telling of the story of Jesus Christ. Easter should be about remembering what Jesus did, so there is no problem with telling the story of Jesus through a skit during an Easter Service. 

Taking Someone’s Place

If you wanted to show an example of someone who took someone else’s punishment that might be good too. You might not want to simply adapt the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, so you could create a script for a skit about taking someone’s place. 

In the story there could be two people, one person is perfect, and the other person has a rough past. Within the story, a person with a rough past could get in legal trouble. Maybe the person gets arrected for drinking and driving or another serious offense. When it comes to the trial, the person who is guilty could get a life sentence, but the perfect person could step in and take the person’s life sentence. 

This story shows the compassion and love that Jesus showed by sacrificing Himself for us. Without being too on the nose, this skit is discrete enough to be a great option for an Easter Skit. 

Christmas Skits 

Christmas is a great time for a skit. Many people who do not attend church regularly will come to a Christmas Eve service with their families. Doing a skit during the Christmas Eve service could bring a very special element to an already special celebration. 

The Christmas Story

Just like for Easter, you could do a skit that simply tells the story of Jesus’ birth. Using kids and students, you could put together a pretty funny rendition of the Christmas story. From the point of God talking to Mary, you could continue the story. 

For this one, I would depend a lot on the scripture to guide the dialogue. You could portray the Angels speaking to the shepherd and the innkeeper who gave the barn to Mary and Joseph.

Ultimately, if you simply wanted to create a skit out of the Christmas story, that would be a great way to engage the audience, while also communicating the reason for Christmas. 

The true meaning of Christmas

The final skit that you could do during the Christmas season is about the true meaning of Christmas. In this skit, you could show a family that is wrapped up in the craziness of the Christmas season. The mom and dad could be rushing to find gifts, and the students could be begging for gifts and candy. 

As the tension builds, there could be someone in the skit who is helping out the family. Towards the end of the skit, that person could tell the family about the true meaning of Christmas. 

This skit is great because it is probably pretty relatable for many people. Christmas can be a quick season. It is full of fun and laughter, but it can also be filled with stress and worry. By doing this skit, you could remind the audience that Christmas is really about the coming of Jesus Christ. 


Hopefully, this has been a great resource, full of good ideas that can help you communicate Bible stories and Biblical topics to your group.

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