Best Clothes for Men to Wear to Church for 2023

Choosing the perfect outfit for church can be challenging. There are so many options of what to wear to church and even more options from brands to colors. Going to church itself can be intimidating, so figuring out what to wear should not be added stress. In this article, we will discuss the different forms of church wear and help you choose the clothes that are best for your situation. 

Whether you are dressing up for Easter Sunday or regular Sunday service, in this article, we will give some examples of things you can wear. Beyond considering if it is a special occasion or not, we recommend visiting the church’s website and social media to get a gauge for the church’s dress code. 

Formal Outfits for Churches with a Formal Dress Code

Some churches have a more strict dress code, so a more formal look might be required. The formal culture should not intimidate you though, instead, this article can help you to determine what you should wear. This also goes for formal events. Events like Easter Service and Christmas Eve service might have a more elevated look. 

For formal occasions and churches with formal dress codes, you might want to select one of the formal suits on this list. Formal clothes might be intimidating, but it is an honor to dress up for church. Dressing up for church is a symbol of giving God your best, so formal churches want to honor God through the dress code.

Casual Clothes for Churches with a Culture of Casual Wear 

Some more modern churches are known for wearing casual attire. Again, churches want to honor God with how they dress, but there is less pressure here to wear a formal suit. Instead of wearing a formal suit, you can always dress down. Tee shirts, jeans, and sneakers should be fine at these more contemporary churches. The graphic tees should be appropriate, but other than that there aren’t that many codes at these churches. 

Luckily the pressure to dress well isn’t as prominent here, however, you still might want to dress up a little in case the church is more formal than you think. A polo might be a good option here. 

Best Men’s Church Suits

When it comes to formal wear for formal churches and special events, a suit will work great. Whether it is a business suit that you have or a suit that you are getting specifically for church, you probably have one that is high-quality and will work for years to come. The best suits for church come in neutral and solid colors. Navy, black, and grey are always great options, so we will be giving some options for those. Furthermore, if you wanted a suit with bright colors for an Easter Service that might take some more research into the best options. Every man needs at least a single suit to place in their closet for more fancy occasions. 

To be as formal as possible, try out a three-piece suit. Those suits might be more expensive, but they elevate the already formal suit to the next level.

Best Black Suits

When it comes to suits, there is nothing more versatile than a traditional black suit. The black suit can be dressed up or it can be dressed down, so it is a staple for any man’s wardrobe. When it comes to formal events, the black suit will do the trick perfectly as the wearer will look sleek. 

Here are our recommendations for the best black suit: 

The next suit on the list comes from Calvin Klien in the form of the Men’s Slim Fit Suit. Calvin Klein is known for their quality, and it is no different when it comes to this suit. Less expensive than the Bonobos suit, the Calvin Klein is more budget-friendly. This suit does not sacrifice in the looks department though, because it still looks great. 

The next black suit on this list is the Extra Slim Fit Suit from Hugo Boss. As a more expensive alternative, this suit is for those who love a name-brand. Hugo Boss’ style is different than the other two suits on this list and is sure to catch some attention. When it comes to statement suits, Hugo Boss is the name to look to. This is one of the designer church suits that you should consider.

Bonobos Premium 120s

The Bonobos Premium 120s Italian Wool Suit is a great black suit option for church. This suit has a few different options because you can choose between a slim, athletic, and standard fit. This suit is an awesome choice for people who are looking for a mid-range suit that does the job well. 

Best Grey Suits 

Another Closet staple that works great for church is grey suits. Grey suits are a great option because they are more casual than black suits, but they are still formal enough to look well put together. Here are our picks for the best grey suits. 

Haggar Men’s Smart Wash Suit

The Haggar Men’s Smart Wash Suit is a great option in the grey suit area. It is inexpensive but gives a great look. Suits can be pricey so getting a great deal is important. That is exactly what the Haggar Men’s Suit offers. 

Ludlow Slim-fit unstructured suit jacket

J. Crew’s Ludlow Slim-fit suit is a great choice as well. It is more expensive than the previous suit, but the quality of this suit is much higher. The slim fit looks sleek. If you’re looking for a quality suit without breaking the budget, this is the suit for you. 

Excursionist Flex 150s Suit

If you aren’t concerned with price, the Excursionist Flex Suit from Peter Millar is an elegant choice. Peter Millar is a brand that is known for high-quality, luxury clothing, so in that regard, you get what you pay for. The Excursionist is a good choice for people who want a staple suit to add to their wardrobe, regardless of the cost. 

Best Navy Suits 

J.M. Haggar Premium Stretch Classic Fit

The J.M. Haggar Premium Suit is great-looking. It comes in a dark blue that is also classic. Another option for Amazon, this suit can be considered a budget option for someone who simply wants a suit in their wardrobe as soon as possible.  

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit

With an elevated look, the Jetsetter Suit from Bonobos is a very nice option. It is clean and the material used looks high-quality. With this suit, you even get the option of classic, athletic, or slim fits. This is a suit worth checking out. 


This Hugo Boss Suit is a premium option. Similar to Peter Millar in the last category, the Hugo Boss Suit is built on the name of Boss. Boss has grown its following as a designer clothing company, and for that, you will be paying more. However, if you want the best possible suit, look no further than the Hugo Boss Suit. 


Best Dress Shirts

When it comes to church clothes, a dress shirt is a middle ground between too formal and too casual. Button-down shirts have been around forever and for good reason. The Button-up shirt looks great without feeling too uncomfortable. Here are our picks for the best dress shirt. 

Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt

Van Heusen’s dress shirt is a simple white button-up shirt. This is a solid button-down shirt, in color and quality. It is not too expensive, so it should be affordable for just about anybody. We recommend getting a couple of these because they are affordable. Two is better than one when it comes to having shirts because it gives you more time in between washes. Furthermore, a white shirt is always the most versatile, so you can dress it up or down. The Van Heusen is the perfect option for people who simply want a solid button-up shirt without breaking the bank.

Leeward Dress Shirt

For a higher-quality option, check out the Leeward Dress Shirt from Mizzen and Main. It truly has a higher quality than other dress shirts. You will be paying more, but this shirt should last a long time. 

Cary PREP-FORMANCE Button Up Shirt

Another quality choice is the Cary Button Up Shirt from Johnnie-o. Similar to the Mizzen and Main, this shirt is a great choice for men who want a high-quality and comfortable look when it comes to their dress shirts.

Best Polo Shirt

Striking the balance between formal and casual the polo is comfortable and clean, so it should be a part of every man’s wardrobe, especially for church. Some churches are neither casual nor formal, so the polo is a good choice for those. Furthermore, if you are visiting a church for the first time, polo is a great choice, due to its neither formal nor casual nature.  

Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt

Amazon Basics has a great polo this is comfortable, and if you choose the right size it will look great. Be wary about getting one that is too large or too small, because you will miss the benefits of the polo if it is oversized.

Overall, this is a great option, and it comes in multiple colors, so you can get a few different ones to vary up your outfits. 


For a better-fitted and nicer material polo, look no further than the Banana Republic polo. It tapers at the arms to make the wearers’ arms look bigger. This polo also comes in a few different neutral colors that are all worth purchasing. 

Tyrwhitt Pique Polo – Camel

The middle-of-the-road option is the Trywhitt Pique Polo. It is still a high-quality shirt, but it is not as elevated as the Banana Republic Polo. It is, however cheaper than the Banana Republic Polo, but offers similar quality. 

Best Basic Tee-Shirts

When it comes to more casual churches, the basic tee shirt is a great choice. You can layer it or wear it straight up. There is really no going wrong with a classic basic tee because it will look put together without taking too much effort. Here are our picks for the best basic tee shirt:

INTO THE AM Mens T Shirt

True Classic Tees Premium Men’s T-Shirts

Best Graphic Tee-Shirts 

For the most casual churches, a graphic tee will be perfect. There aren’t that many companies that do Christian graphic tees in a way that is cool. Many Christian graphic tee shirt companies make shirts that are behind the trends, but here are two Christian street-wear brands that are worth checking out!

Living Garments

Living Garments is a new clothing brand that creates unique men’s fashion products. They produce shirts, hats, and stickers!

If you are looking for some new shirts, keep an eye on their page. They do sell out quickly.

Elevated Faith

He Would Love First


Best Black Pants

When it comes to pants for church, the most formal option is the black dress pant. Black dress pants can be slimming and they can look clean. Along with being versatile, you can wear black pants with just about any colored shirt. So, here are our picks for the best black pants. 

Amazon Essentials 

484 Slim-fit stretch chino pant


Best Khaki Pants

Another option, as a dress pant, is the khaki pant because they are also formal. They don’t have to be as formal as the black pant, but they do look put together. They are a clear step up from jeans, so they should be regarded as a wardrobe staple for most men. Here are our picks for the best men’s khaki pants. 

Amazon Essentials

Stretch Breaker Pants


Best Pair of Jeans

The final group of bottoms you should check out is the pair of jeans. Jeans fit a more casual shirt better. You can wear jeans with a graphic tee shirt or a nice polo. From casual to semi-formal the pair of jeans are a great option. Here are our picks for the best men’s pair of jeans.

Levi’s 512-slim Taper Fit-Men’s Jeans


Best Dress Shoes 

If you’ve decided to dress up more formally for church, then the dress shoe is what you should go for. Dress shoes look great with suits and button-up shirts. You can wear dress shoes with jeans as well, but they fit the vibe of slacks and a jacket better. 

There are a couple of variations on men’s dress shoes. There are black dress shoes, and there are brown dress shoes. Whichever you go with, make sure they complement your pant selection and match your belt color. Here are our picks for the best men’s dress pants,

Bruno Marc Men’s Oxfords Formal Dress Shoes

GIFENNSE Men’s Handmade Leather Modern Classic Lace up Leather Lined Perforated Dress Oxfords Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Prince Classic Modern Formal Oxford Wingtip Lace Up Dress Shoes

Best Sneakers

Sneakers are classic at this point, and so if your church’s culture calls for it, go for some nice sneakers. We would recognize choosing sneakers that are a solid color like black or white, especially if you are just starting out. Too many colors can be distracting, and it is easier to make an outfit go together if the shoes are a solid color. Here are our picks for the best men’s sneakers for church.

White Sneakers

Adidas Stan Smith

Black Sneakers

Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt II Sneakers
Lugz Men’s Flip Sneaker

Best Boat Shoes

The final variation of shoes that you should check out is the boat shoe. Boat shoes, like polos, are the middle ground between formal and casual. Boat shoes can go with a pair of jeans or a pair of slacks, so it might be the best choice if you are just starting out. Here are our picks for the best boat shoes. 


The final category for men’s clothing for church is the accessory category. Accessories are a great way to elevate your look because they add something special and unique to your outfit. Be wary of coming off as too flashy, but wearing accessories is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. 

Best Church Hats

The first accessory you should consider is a hat. Hats can add some character to your outfits but also think through the style of church that you are in. Traditional churches do not like hats in church, but modern churches actually celebrate them. Whether you wear a hat depends on your context, but there are a couple of companies that make Christian hats. These are the brands we recommend for church hats.

Best Church Necklaces 

The last category in this article is necklaces. Necklaces are great for traditional and contemporary churches, as long as they are tasteful. Here are a couple for necklaces that would be perfect to wear to any church. 


Overall, the clothes you choose for church is important, but make sure to wear what you are comfortable with. All of these are merely suggestions, and some of these links are affiliate links. Feel free to select some of these clothes for your church outfits.

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