13 Best Easter Banners & Signs Ideas for Church

Easter is a special time for churches and families. Families who never attend church come to church to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

It is always an important time to put on great church services. Celebrating Jesus Christ is no easy task. Due to social media and the internet, there is tons of pressure to develop a great Easter celebration. 

Churches now have tons of creative ideas to help make their Easter services truly special. From worship to the lobby, Churches are doing a great job of hosting incredible Easter experiences. 

One way churches have been making Easter more special in recent years is by adding new design elements to their lobby and exterior design. Banners have become a popular design element that churches incorporate into their Easter Sunday services. 

 Easter banners have become a common choice amongst churches because they are easy to set up and are customizable. If you are in charge of designing a lobby experience for a Church Easter service. I highly recommend looking for some banners to help liven up your church’s lobby.  

Looking for a banner that looks good can be difficult, though. You might have to dig through tons of bad banners to find some good ones. That is why I have compiled a list of 13 of the best Easter banners for churches. 

I hope that you can find a banner on this list that suits your ministry and enhances your Easter experience.

The 13 Best Easter Banners for Churches

1. “He is Risen” Banner 

The “He is Risen” banner by Praise Banners is a beautiful banner for Easter Sunday. The white and gold colors are pretty and remind us that Jesus has washed our sins away. 

The shapes on this banner remind us of stained glass windows, as we celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and resurrection on Sunday morning. 

This Easter Banner comes in nine different sizing options to fit any space. It even has customizable material and hanging options. 

2. The “He Is Alive” Banner

The “He Is Alive” banner by Concordia Supply is another great banner for your Easter Sunday services. This banner is a picture of Calvary Hill with crosses and lettering on top of it. The lettering says, “He is alive. 

The sun is rising over the hill to remind us of the victory that Jesus had over death and the Cross. The orange color of the sunrise is pretty and would look great inside a lobby on Sunday morning.

Like the previous banner, this one comes in a few different print sizes and you can select different materials too. 

Furthermore, their website has an area where you can add your logo or art to the banner. The “He Is Alive” banner is another great option for an Easter banner. 

3. The “It is Finished” Banner 

Another great banner option is the, “It Is Finished” banner by Praise Banners. The banner has a solid color background with lines and a crown of thorns on it. 

Although this banner would be great for Easter Sunday, we recommend using this one during a Good Friday service. “It Is Finished,” was Jesus’ last words before He died on the cross on Friday. 

Jesus wore the crown of thorns on Friday too. Although this banner is celebrating the Easter season, we think it fits the theme of Good Friday better than that of Easter Sunday.

This banner has a couple of different color options: purple and black. The black looks best, in the context of Good Friday, but the purple also reminds people that Jesus was royalty. The purple color matches the message, but the black looks better.  

4. The “Here In Christ” Banner

The “Here in Christ” banner is another great choice for an Easter banner. The banner has a dark background with swirling lines. On top of the background is an image of a cross and the sky. There is lettering below that image that says, “HERE IN THE DEATH OF CHRIST, I LIVE.” 

The message reminds us of the new life that Jesus brought to us through his death. The cross on the banner shows that the work of Jesus was completed through his death. Processional crosses are a great symbol of the Easter season.

Although this one does not have Easter colors, it is a great banner. The message of the banner is important and shows us that we are made new through Jesus.

5. The “Amazing Grace” Banner

Another banner from Praise Banners, the “Amazing Grace” banner is a great-looking banner. This banner has a white and gold background with a marbly pattern. On top of the background is a gold cross that looks hand painted. From the center of the cross, gold circles are radiating out. 

At the bottom of the banner, the banner reads, “Amazing GRACE.” “Amazing” is written in grey, and “GRACE” is written in gold lettering.

This Easter banner is a great choice for churches on Easter Sunday. It reminds people of the importance of God’s grace, which was given to us through the death of His son. 

6. The “Blessed Is He” Banner 

This Easter banner is perfect for both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. The banner has a light green background, with white lines that create a stain-glass pattern. Beyond that, there is a palm leaf on top of the background. 

The palm leaf is a call-back to Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem a week before He died. As Jesus entered the city, people were placing palm leaves on the ground in front of His donkey.

The lettering on the banner says, “BLESSED IS He.” “Blessed” and “Is” are both capitalized and they are in regular font. “He,” is in script font to bring emphasis to the truth the Jesus is blessed. 

This banner could be great for both Easter and Palm Sundays, but we recommend it for Palm Sunday. 

7. The “Christ is Risen, Alleluia” Banner

The “Christ is Risen, Alleluia,” banner is the most unique banner on this list. The banner looks like a tapestry and hosts the image of a holy lamb with a white flag and a cross. 

The background of this banner is a tan color and the lettering is red. This banner is truly beautiful and is a piece of art. It is more expensive than the other items on this list, but it should be considered for an Easter banner for your church. 

8. The “We are Healed” Banner

Another great Easter banner option is the, “We are HEALED,” banner. This banner has a sky-blue background. At the bottom of the banner, we see the ground with a cross, nails, and a crown of thorns. 

The image is a reminder that “by His stripes, we are healed.” This is an excellent reminder for the Easter season, and it’s a great part of the Gospel. 

On the banner, the lettering is purple, which is also a reminder the Jesus is royalty. Beyond that, it shows us that we are also royalty, because of our relationship with Christ.

Overall, this is another great choice for an Easter Banner for your church. 

9. The “Risen” Banner

On the “Risen” banner, we see three crosses that are symbolic of those that were on the hill where Jesus died. There is a paintlike texture layered over the crosses, and the bottom of the sign says, “Risen,” in script lettering.

This is a simple sign. It only has one word, but the message is powerful. Jesus is risen. 

If you are a minimalist or want a sign that isn’t too wordy then this is the sign for you. 

Outdoor Banners

Along with banners for the interior of the church, there are also banners available for the exterior church. These banners are usually larger and have more information. Here are a few of my favorites. 

10. The “Celebrate Easter at Your Church” Banner

The celebrate Easter at your church banner is a beautiful yellow, outdoor banner. This banner allows you to place your church’s website on it. It also has a few materials and sizes that you can choose from. 

Apart from the lettering, there is the image of two crosses in the background to celebrate Easter. This banner allows you to place important information about your church on it, making it a great choice.

11. The “The Risen King” Banner

“The Risen King” banner is another large banner. It is made specifically for exterior use. 

The banner has tons of fun easter colors and a silhouette of calvary hill with a cross. The font of the lettering is simple but strong. This banner even allows you to place the time and date of your Easter services to help people know when you are meeting. 

This is a personal favorite of mine. The Lettering is satisfying, and the colors are beautiful. 

12. The “Celebrate Easter” Banner

The “Celebrate Easter” banner is another great choice for an Easter Banner. The banner is a lovely, sky-blue color. It has arrows alternating direction, and lettering in the middle. 

The lettering on this banner says, “Celebrate Easter Sunday at 9 AM.” You can customize what time and date the banner says. 

It is a simple banner. It doesn’t have any fancy imagines in the background, but it is an effective Easter banner. This banner is worth your consideration for an Easter Banner.

13. Custom Banners 

The final banner on this list is a custom banner. As you can see, there are tons of banner options on this list. You might love a few of the banners on this list, but if you don’t have one that you like, you can always create an original banner.

Creating custom Easter banners might be worthwhile for your church. Many Easter services have specific themes. If your church has a specific theme for its Easter services, you can create a banner that reflects the theme of your services. 

Furthermore, you can use photos from your congregation. There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to custom banners. Custom banners can be more expensive, but they also might be better for you. 

You can create your own design and use the online customizer to make it come to life. Easter banners can fit your congregation perfectly.

Having an Easter banner is not essential for your Easter services, but it is a nice addition. I hope that you can find a banner on this list that you love. 

An Easter banner can elevate your Easter Sunday experience, so we recommend that you invest in one. Banners can also last you for years, so they are a worthwhile investment for your church. 

Coming up with ideas for Easter Sunday can be daunting, so be sure to check out our article on Ideas for Easter Sunrise services. 

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