10 Best, Colorful Easter Backgrounds for Church Slides

The Easter season is a great time to celebrate at a church. You want your services to go well and have some added flair to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. One way to do that is to have special Easter PowerPoint backgrounds. 

Having Easter backgrounds is a great way to show your congregation that there is something different about this Sunday. Along with all of the fanfare in the lobby, your screen visuals are a great way to communicate that this day is special.

You might use ProPresenter, Google Slides, or PowerPoint, so whatever you use, try to liven up your lyrics and notes slides by introducing new ones. 

Before we look at some of the best slides that we could find, let’s look at what makes a great Easter background. 

Choosing Great Easter Backgrounds


Easter is a big deal, so it has become known for some pretty specific things. Vibrant colors are one of those things. 

The colors that are associated with Easter are bright blues, greens, yellows, reds, and oranges. Bright colors are prominent during the Easter season. Because bright colors are a common trope of Easter, we recommend that you lean into that. 

We tried to choose slides that we vibrant and hosted many different colors. The Easter egg colors of these slides make people happy as we celebrate the Easter season. We recommend choosing Easter backgrounds that are full of great colors. 


Colors are a great way to send a message about your service, but you can also choose slides that remind the audience of the reason for Easter. 

For praise songs that are fast, try to choose colorful slides. For the more worshipful songs, focus more on visual symbolism. 

It wouldn’t make sense to be in a worshipful moment with a wild display of color going on. Instead, choose a slide that shows something about Easter. 

Avoid putting slides with the Easter bunny or Easter eggs, because they can distract from the true message of Easter. Instead, opt for something more meaningful to the Christian holiday. 

Slides that host a cross or a crown of thorns are especially great for putting on digital projectors during Easter Sunday. Try to choose backgrounds that remind the audience of why you are celebrating Easter.


Another thing that you might want to consider when choosing an Easter background for your PowerPoint slides is the background’s versatility. 

By versatility, I mean that there are multiple ways that you can use it. It should have enough space on it to put a top bar for lyrics and sermon notes. 

You should be able to freeze the graphic at any given moment and use that frame as a notes slide. Furthermore, you could even put lettering on the graphic of the message name to make it a title slide. 

Taking a frame from the worship background and repurposing it for a title page is a great way to get the best out of what you are already paying for. 

For many of the options on this list, they can be doubled and used as sermon backgrounds. You could even take a frame from the background, put lettering on it, and use it as the front page of your church bulletin cover.


The final aspect of choosing great backgrounds for your Easter service is to try to choose one that is cost-effective. The great Easter backgrounds aren’t free, unfortunately. 

There is a free option on this list, but we recommend that you check out the pricing on each website to see if it is worth paying for.

It is Easter, so we recommend you invest a little extra money into the production via motion backgrounds, but if it is not in the budget, make sure you check out the free option on this list. 

How You’ll Get the Graphics

When you purchase or download one of these graphics it should download a zip file. If you open the downloaded zip, it should allow you to store the graphic on the computer and use it forever. This is the standard format for files of this size being downloaded from the internet.

With all of that being said, here are 10 of the best Easter backgrounds. 

Paint Flow Easter Risen

To start the list, we have a graphic background from Motion Worship. Motion Worship is a great provider of church backgrounds.

I love their “Paint Flow Easter Risen,” graphics specifically because it has tons of color. It’s bright and eye-catching. 

This is probably the best choice for praise songs or set openers because it looks exciting and vibrant. 

Paint Flow Easter Risen

Color Flow Easter

Another great choice is the Color Flow Easter by Motion Worship. Although this doesn’t have as wide a range of colors, the colors they chose for this graphic are stunning. 

The yellows, oranges, and reds are incredibly satisfying and will have your congregation excited to worship on Easter morning. 

Furthermore, this graphic has tons of versatility. It is not just an Easter graphic, you can use it all year. It wouldn’t be bad to put sermon notes on a still of this graphic either. You can place your Bible Easter quotes on top of this graphic and it’ll look great. 

Color Flow Easter

Easter Risen

The Easter Risen graphic from Shift Worship is perfect for the Easter season. It’s got purples, yellows, and a cross that reminds the congregation about Jesus’ sacrifice. The purple is significant because it reminds us of Jesus’ royal nature. 

Resurrection Mountain Sunset

The next option is the Resurrection Mountain Sunset from Motion Worship. This one could be used for a set opener, but I like it more for a mid-tempo or worshipful song later in the set. It is a beautiful graphic. 

Resurrection Mountain Sunset

Reflective Cross

The Reflective Cross from Shift Worship is another versatile graphic. This one could be used throughout the set as it’s colorful without being overbearing. Furthermore, the cross symbolism in the center of the graphic makes Jesus’ sacrifice the focus of this graphic. 

Risen 1

Moving on the a more worship-centric graphic, the Risen 1 graphic by Igniter Media is a good choice for worship songs. The movement of the graphic isn’t distracting. It is pretty peaceful, so it’s perfect for worship songs.

Easter Color

The Easter Color graphic from Igniter Media also has a versatile Easter background. Color and movement are both present, but not in a distracting way. You could use this graphic at any point in the set list and it would fit well. 

Easter Neon

The Easter Neon graphic from shift worship is a praise-song-worthy graphic. It is very colorful, which means that it will match well with moving lights during your church’s Easter Sunday service. 

Road To Calvary

The Road to Calvary graphic by Igniter Media is another great worship graphic for Easter time. It calls back to the path that Jesus took to Mount Calvary. It looks like an invitation to the Cross, which is exactly what Easter should be about. This is another great Easter graphic. 

Free Easter Graphics Kit

The final graphic on this list is a collection of graphics. Church Motion Graphics has a free kit with a few different styles to check out. It is worth looking into these if you want a free download option. 

That concludes our list of the 10 best Easter backgrounds. I hope that a few of these graphics will work for your church’s Easter service and that you will have an effective service on Easter Sunday.

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