Spiritual Biblical Meaning of the Name Lauren

Lauren is a beautiful name that has a rich history. There are many different potential origins for the name, but they all go together. It is most commonly believed the Biblical meaning of the name Lauren is “Laurel plant,” or “Wisdom.”

 It is thought to be a female name that has multiple versions. The name comes from different French names and even has different English names as well. 

By looking at the different versions of the name, we can deduce a truly Christian meaning behind the name. It takes some digging, but the name Lauren is a great Christian name.

Furthermore, if you are looking for Latin baby names, Lauren fits the bill. All of the translations seem to go back to the Latin origin of the name.

Meaning of the Name Lauren 

The name Lauren is thought to have Latin, French, and Hebrew origins. The meaning of Lauren throughout the different origins seems to be consistent with slight variation. 

The slight variations can give us a glimpse into the fullness of the name Lauren, and it can help us to uncover more clearly the significance of the name.

Let’s start by looking at the Hebrew origin of the name Lauren to see if there is any Jewish importance to the name Lauren. 

Hebrew Origin 

The Hebrew origin for the name Lauren is supposed to be shown through the Old Testament story of Jacob.

In Jacob’s story, he had a servant named Lawrence. Laurence was a loyal and trustworthy servant, and his name is believed to mean, “crowned.”

The name Lauren can be derived from the Hebrew name Lawrence. Lawrence would be the masculine version, and Lauren would be the feminine counterpart. Lawrence is thought to be a Hebrew word that was used as a Jewish name. 

A verse that coincides with this translation is Psalm 8:4-5 which says, “What is man that You are mindful of him, or the son of man that You care for him? You made him a little lower than the angels; You crowned him with glory and honor.” The idea behind this verse is that God crowned people with glory and honor. 

Because of that, the name Lauren can be a reminder that God crowns people with glory and honor. 

Latin Origin

Lauren is also believed to be translated from the Latin name Laurentius. Laurentius meant, “Laurel Plant,” or, “Wisdom.”

The bay laurel has had significance throughout history. Laurel leaves were even used to fasten a crown of laurel for people of honor. 

In Ancient Greece, laurel wreaths were made from Laurel leaves and placed on the heads of the victors of the Olympic games. 

Especially in Biblical times, bay laurel is a symbol of victory. Being from the Latin word Laurentius gives the name Lauren some significant meaning. 

French Origin

The name also has meaning to the French. The Roman surname Laurentius might have been translated to Laurence in French, and the French name Laurence would have been translated into Lauren for girls. Laurence would have been a masculine name. 

Although, in French, Lauren is not specifically a girls name, so it can be used as a baby girls name or a baby boys name.

Because Lauren was translated from Latin, it has the same meaning it did in Latin. Lauren is thought to be translated into, “Laurel plant,” or, “Wisdom.” The Laurel tree is a beautiful tree that has been popular for many years. Beyond that, wisdom is not a bad name either. 

Both the meanings for Lauren in French are significant and make Lauren an appealing name. 

A Christian Perspective on the Name Lauren

The name Lauren is a name with specific meanings. All of these meanings can be viewed from a Biblical perspective and revealed to show great significance as a Christian name. 

As a Christian girl name, Lauren reminds Christians that God has crowned us with a crown of victory. 

I think that it reminds Christians specifically of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore. He was going to the cross, and they put a crown of thorns on Him to embrace Him. 

The idea behind the name Lauren can be that, although, we should have gotten the crown of thorns. God blesses us with a crown of laurel. That is God gives us glory when we deserve humiliation. 

In that way, the name Lauren has Biblical meaning.

Gender of Lauren

Lauren has been more popular with girls, but it is considered a unisex name. It’s been used as a baby boy name and a baby girl name throughout history. 

Popularity of the Name Lauren

Lauren has become a very popular name in the United States. With celebrities like Lauren Bacall and Lauren Hill, the name has become wildly popular. 

The name peaked in the 80s and 90s however, when it was regularly in the top 25 names in the United States. However, since then, the name Lauren has decreased in popularity in the States. 

The name Lauren is now the 232nd most popular girl’s name in the most recent year. Beyond that Lauren used to be a popular boys’ name, however, it is no longer considered a typical boys name now. 

Although it has fallen in popularity, that might mean that now is a great time to name a baby Lauren. You never want to choose the most popular name, because the kid will share a name with many people.

Overall, Lauren is a truly great, Christian name that has significant historical meaning. It can mean a place of laurel or glory.

The name reminds us of the things that Jesus did for us on the cross. If you are interested in knowing more about Biblical names, check out our article on the name Melanie.