13 Amazing Ideas for Church Decorations for Sunday Service

Church decorations are essential to create a great church environment. When it comes to your church ambiance, decorations are a powerful tool to enhance your church building. Focusing on your church’s interior design might be the best way to help people feel comfortable in your church. Choosing designs and elements can be a difficult task, so here are some amazing ideas for church decorations for Sunday service. 

 Area Rugs

The first recommendation on our list is area rugs. Rugs might be the best option to spice up both your church’s lobby and stage designs. It is an easy way to make a space feel more home-like. 

One of the great things about rugs is that all of them are different. Depending on the time of year that you are placing the rug, you can give your church lobby a different aesthetic. 

For example, if it’s around the holidays a light blue and white rug would be a great choice. It will remind the congregants of the snowy weather and the holidays. Another example of this might be using a solid color rug throughout the year. You don’t want your rug to be distracting, but you want it to add comfort to your church’s space. 

Beyond that, rugs are easy to swap out throughout they year. However, just mind to vacuum it regularly. Depending on how many congregants you church has on Sundays, rugs can get dirty, so make sure you clean them after every Sunday service. 

String Lights 

Another more minimal approach to church interior design would recommend that you install string lights. String lights have become very popular in recent years. People love using string lights in their design at home, so it might be a good idea to add them to your Church’s lobby. 

Your church’s lighting is very important. Nobody wants to have to focus to see well, so string lights are one of the little things that can help your church to be well lit. This will set a great atmosphere for congregants to converse before and after the service. 

These are especially recommended if your services happen during the evening. Walking from the cold and dark outside, to the bright and warm indoors of your church lobby will become an appealing experience for many people. 

Along with the previous recommendation, string light can also be color swap. Although we recommend that throughout the year you keep them as a regular white color, swapping them to green and red during the Christmas season is a fun change to your already great sunday decorations. 

A Large Cross

A large cross is another good thing to add to your church’s interior. Clearly, the cross is a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice and is an important part of our theological understanding, so it is a good option to place in your church’s lobby. 

The good thing about a cross is that you can build it yourself. The only cost would be materials. However, if you wanted, you could also buy one. There are tons of options online for wooden crosses. 

Furthermore, the placement of the cross can be changed too. You can place the cross in the lobby on the ground, or hang it from the ceiling. As long as you have high ceilings, a cross might fit perfectly hanging from the top of the room. 

People can look up and be reminded of the message of the gospel. When it comes to interior design for a church, it is a good practice to make your interior design match your message. Placing a cross in the lobby is a great way to draw attention to the things that your church believes. 

Simple Drapery on Church Pews 

Church pews are still a staple in many church, but sometimes they can look dated. Depending on the traditional nature of your church, you could consider putting drapery over the pews. 

Although this is not something that you should consider for normal occasions, if your church ever has a special event, placing drapery over the pews might elevate the look of the room. 

This might appeal to younger congregants and new families who are coming to your church. Although pews are great, many people view them as a symbol of age. So modernizing the pews with drapery might be a great decision for your church.

We recommend if you do this to make it white drapery. Black drapes would make the room look too dark and having a solid color drape might be distracting for some attendees. 

A Visually Appealing Background 

People love to take photos, so creating an opportunity for them to do so is a wonderful idea. You can create a photobooth design with handheld signs. Place it to the side in the lobby and put a sign telling people to take a picture and tag your church. 

This is one of the more modern church decoration ideas, because social media has become an important part of sharing about your church. Furthermore, it is important to come up with a great background, so that people will be glad to take a picture and post it. 

Like the string lights and area rugs, the photobooth can easily be changed. If people stop using the photo booth, you can swap it out for a different design fairly easily. All you need is a stand and for someone to design the backdrop. After that, print the backdrop and watch Instagram comments flood in. 

Floral Arrangements

Another amazing idea for church decorations for Sunday service is floral arrangements. Flowers are naturally beautiful. They don’t take that much effort to look good. 

Especially during the spring season, people would love to be welcomed with the sight of fresh flowers. They give a natural look to your lobby, and make people feel like they are enjoying nature. 

Colorful flowers can fill your lobby and people will love it. This option can become pricey if you do it regularly, however if you do it once every other quarter it will maintain its effect and cost less. 

Wood Pallets 

Wood pallets might be another option for your church’s decorations for Sunday service. People love the natural look right now, so raw wooden pallets might be the best option to make your lobby look great. 

Wooden pallets are also rather inexpensive so you won’t have to shovel out tons of money to make this idea happen. You even might be able to find a congregant who has leftover wooden pallets to donate to your church. 

A great feature of wooden pallets is that they are unintrusive. They don’t pop with too much color and don’t take up an overwhelming amount of space. Pallets will add another dimension to your church decorations for Sunday service and your congregants will appreciate it. 

Finished Wooden Slabs

While the natural look is very popular right now for interior design, it might be good to go with a more unique look. Finished wood gives a polished and dressed up look to the idea of wood in your church’s lobby. 

There are tons of companies that do custom finished wooden slabs that would look great as church decorations for Sunday service. You could hang the wooden slabs from the ceiling or lean them against a wall. 

Similar to the raw wood pallets, the finished wood is a non-distracting element you can add to your church’s lobby. People might notice them, but they won’t be distracted from conversations by them.

Finished wooden slabs are another great choice for your church’s decorations. 

Church Decorations for Special Occasions

Depending on the time of year that you are setting our decorations, you might need a different approach to interior design. For special events and holidays there are a few special elements that will definitely work well. 

Palm Leaves For Palm Sunday 

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter and it is the remembering of when Jesus entered Jerusalem and the people laid palm leaves in front of Him as He rode in. It is a demonstration of honor towards Jesus. 

For this reason, hanging palm leaves from the ceiling is a great touch for palm Sunday. Many people don’t recognize or celebrate palm Sunday, so this is a good way to show them that it is an important day to observe. 

I like that palm leaves are green and will add a pop of color to any church’s lobby during this season. 

Wedding Ceremony Decorations 

The modern wedding ceremony has become very elegant. There are tons of decorations and designs that go into the ceremony space. Depending on the wedding theme, you can tailor your church’s interior design. 

The bride usually has an idea for how she would like the space to look, so allowing her to influence the visual of the space is a good idea. 

As a few options it is great to have flower petals and white flowers incorporated in the decorations for these kinds of events. Again, the wedding theme will usually determine what decorations go up, but flower petals are a great choice for any church. 

Annual Women’s Conference 

Many churches have annual women’s conferences. This is a big day for churches and the women of the church. Photobooths, flowers, and the other options on this list are all great choices for that day.

However, one special thing that you can add for your church’s women conference is a balloon arch. Serving as another form of a photo booth, balloon arches are colorful and people will love them.

Christmas Eve Services 

As you approach the Christmas season, you might be looking for an interesting idea for your church’s design. One idea that we like for churches to add during the holidays is altar candles. 

Trees, lights, and ornaments all go up during the holiday season, but adding altar candles are a fun way to add something different to your church’s Christmas services. 

Easter Sunday 

Easter is another big day for your church. Being so, you should think of some great ideas for church decorations for that Sunday Service.

Flowers are always an excellent option, but putting eggs around the church is a fun way to add color and create a differentiating factor that will level up your Easter Sunday. Furthermore, you can consider placing flowers on the ends of the pews. That will add some special detail to make your Easter service great. 

These are just a few amazing ideas for church decorations for Sunday service and specifically for the lobby. We also have some ideas for unique stage design that you can check out. Creating the best stage designs can be difficult, so here are some ideas to help guide your stage creation journey.