The Spiritual, Biblical Meaning of the Name Avery

The name Avery is a meaningful name that has a rich history. As a given name, Avery, is the perfect name for either a boy or a girl. The name dates back to the middle ages which means it has a rich history, and makes it a great choice as a classic name. The name of Avery has spiritual meaning as well. In this article, we will discuss the origin, mpopularity, and the Biblical meaning of the name Avery. 

Origin of the Name Avery 

Avery is a name that has a rich history. It has been translated throughout a few different old languages, and it has a powerful meaning. The name comes from the European nations as the languages of old have influenced the languages that we speak today. 

The name Avery came from a few old languages. Old French was the first of these languages. In Old French, the name Alfred was changed into the name Avery. Both of these names are strong names and both start with an “A.” 

The second old language that Avery derived from was ancient Germanic. Avery comes from the ancient Germanic name Alberich. Both of these names were originally masculine, but with the translation of the personal name Avery, it became unisex. 

The Anglo-Saxon name Alfred and ancient Germanic names translated into Old English. After that, Avery became a common surname. Then, it became common for people to use Avery as an English first name. The name rose in popularity as an English name, and it clearly is still common today. 

The origin of the name Avery is deep. It has an English origin, French origin, and Germanic origin that create an immense amount of meaningful history. 

Literal Translation of the Name Avery 

The meaning of Avery comes from the Old English translation of the name. As stated before, Avery used to be an Old English last name. It is a compound word that was created through the combination of two Old English words. 

The first Old English word that creates Avery is aelf. Aelf was the Old English word for an elf. Elves are common to fantasy novels and movies, so if you are a fan of the genre, Avery is a suitable name. Within the fantasy genre, elves are viewed as wise creatures. Although they are short in stature, they make up for it in their keen nature. 

The second word that combines to create the name Avery is raed. Raed means counsel or leader. A leader must be strong, smart, and determined. Anybody would love to have these characteristics. Having the name Avery as a reminder of these characteristics is a great gift. 

When you combine these two words, the meaning of Avery is revealed: Elf leader of Ruler of the Elves. If elves are wise, and someone is the ruler of elves, they must be exceedingly knowledgeable. Therefore, the name Avery might point to strong leadership, ownership, and wisdom. 

Hebrew Alternatives to the Name Avery

Avery did not come from any Hebrew words, but there are some Hebrew words that have the same meaning as the name Avery. Hebrew is an incredible language, and any one of these words could be used as a name. They all mean similar things to the name Avery. 

Aluf and Alufa are both Hebrew words that mean in charge or leader. Avery also means leader, so the name definitions correlate with each other. Aluf is the masculine form of the word and Alufa is the feminine. Both of these are strong names, and might be considered as an alternative for the name Avery.

The second Hebrew word that is similar to the meaning of Avery is Avraham. Avraham is a masculine name, so it should be used for a boy. It comes from the father of the Israelites people, Abraham, and it means father of the multitude. 

Another masculine name that is Hebrew and could be used in place of Avery is Elrad. Elrad means nobel or counsel. Elrad too is a masculine name. 

There are a couple other Hebrew substitutes for Avery that are feminine. The first one is Sara. Sara means princess. The second is Sarit, which is similar, but it means woman of high rank. 

There is one more name that might be an alternative to Avery in Hebrew and that is Yisrael. Yisrael is a gender-neutral name. It does not have an assigned gender, and it means one who wrestles with God. Jacob received this name in the Bible after he had a bout with God in the middle of the night. 

All of these names are wonderful Hebrew alternatives to the name Avery. 

Biblical Meaning of the Name Avery

The name Avery does not appear in the Old Testament or the New Testament. It was not created until centuries after the Bible was completed. Unfortunately, there are no Biblical references to the name. However, the meaning of the name Avery is found in scripture. 

Leadership, wisdom, and nobility are all topics that appear in scripture and that relate to the name Avery. Here are a few Biblical meanings of the name Avery.

We are Adopted into Nobility 

Nobility is a major topic in scripture. The theme of God being noble is common and clear. One instance where God’s nobility is revealed is in the book of Revelation. In Revelation, John (one of Jesus’ disciples) had a vision from our Holy God. He recorded the vision, and part of the vision he was in God’s throne room. He sees God and he describes him. 

In Revelation 19:16 it says, “16 And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written: “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.” It is clear that God is true nobility, because that is one of the Biblical names of God. That means he is greater than any other ruler. 

Through Jesus, God adopted us. We learn that in Galatians 3:26. “26 So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith,” If God it the greatest king and we are adopted by Him, we are princes and princesses of the Kingdom of God. One of the attributes of God is that he is the God of love, so He adopted us.

Avery can be a reminder that we are children of God, therefore we are nobility. We are leaders, because He has imparted leadership onto us through adoption. 

God is the Giver of Wisdom 

The name Avery means wise, and wisdom is a topic in scripture. The Bible tells us that true wisdom comes from God. Avery can be a reminder that we should always go to God for wisdom, instead of the things of the world.

James 1:5 says, “5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

We can be wise, but only through God. Our own wisdom is foolishness, but this wisdom from God is beneficial for our lives. 

We are Stewards of What God has Given Us

Leadership is synonymous with ownership. As leaders, we have ownership of the things that God gives us. Avery can be a reminder that we ,ust take responsibility for the things God has entrusted us with. Part of our spiritual growth and spiritual journey is learning how to manage the things God has given us. 

In the creation story, God tells Adam to subdue and rule over the earth. In the parable of the talents, the person who stewarded well was blessed. These Biblical model demonstrate to us that we should be good stewards of the things that God gives us. 

The name Avery means leader, and that is exactly what the Bible calls us to be. We are called to be leaders of our families, positions, and nature. Avery should be a reminder of that. 

Popularity of the Name Avery

Although the name Avery has a rich history, it did not begin appearing as a first name in the United States until the late-80s. Since the 80s, Avery has grown drastically in popularity, and is even in the top 20 of girls names in the US. That makes it a very popular name in modern times. 

Avery is a unisex name, but it is more popular amongst girls. The Social Security administration data shows that Avery is much more popular as a girl’s name.

As a girl’s name, Avery started being ranked as the 980th most popular girl’s name in 1989. It has only grown since then though. By 2000, it was ranked number 176 amongst girls in the United States. It peaked at number 12 in 2013, and since then has remained in the top 30. Avery is a very popular girl’s name in the United States. 

When it comes to boys, Avery is not as popular of a boy’s name. Although it isn’t as popular for boys, it has been around as a boys name for a longer period of time. In the 1800s Avery was ranked in the top 400s for boys names, and has remained steady around that number for a while. 

In more recent years, the name has sat between ranks 250 and 180. It isn’t necessarily an uncommon name for boys today, but compared to the feminine use of the name, Avery is more commonly a girl’s name. 

Gender of the Name Avery

Many names are created specifically for boys or girls. Fortunately, Avery is not specifically a boys name or a girls name. In fact, Avery is a unisex name. 

If you are looking for a name for your baby boy or a girl name for your daughter, Avery is a suitable name. Some parents like to choose a unisex baby’s name, because they won’t find out the gender until the baby’s birthday. Avery is an excellent choice in those cases, so parents won’t have to select two options for the baby’s name.

Different Names that Are Similar to Avery

There are some names that are similar to the name Avery. Names like:

  • Harper
  • Ava
  • Aria
  • Riley
  • Amelia
  • Olivia
  • Addison
  • Aubrey
  • Charlotte
  • Emma
  • Ella
  • Scarlett

Are all similar to the name Avery. Sometimes people like to select names for their children that go together, so some of these names might be a good option for your family. 

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