Is the Name Jocelyn in the Bible? The Meaning of Jocelyn

Names carry important significance. They help identify us and become a part of our identity. Names even have specific meanings that can influence the way that we think. One name that has specific importance is the name Jocelyn. Many Christians want their name to have Biblical significance, so is the name Jocelyn in the Bible? 

The name Jocelyn is not in the Bible, but it does have spiritual significance. Jocelyn means “pledge,” or “hostage,” which can be a reminder of our servanthood to God. The Biblical author Paul wrote that he was a bondservant to Christ. Jocelyn can be a reminder that you serve God. 

In this article, I will unpack the origin, meaning, and spiritual significance of the name Jocelyn. 

The Name Jocelyn has a German Origin

The meaning of this name comes from many different cultures. Like many other names, Jocelyn started in one place but soon expanded to neighboring nations. The name Jocelyn arrived during the Middle Ages and then continued to grow in popularity from there. 

Jocelyn came from the Germanic language. In Old German, Josse, was the word that developed into the name Jocelyn.

The name Jocelyn quickly expanded from the Germanic language to become a part of French culture. French cultures held a high importance on names, and many modern names have French origin. 

The name even expanded to southern Sweden. It is almost as if the name was so influential that it became popular across the European continent. 

Along with the name’s rich history, some people argue that it has a Celtic origin, but based on my research, the name originated with the German people. 

Jocelyn’s Various Meanings

Jocelyn is a meaningful name. So much so that it has a few different meanings. 

Based on the Old Germanic word Josse, Jocelyn would mean, “hostage” or “pledge.” Hostage does not sound voluntary, but the pledge does. Josse could be used for either of these terms, so it depended on the context to understand the meaning of the word. 

The name Jocelyn is also one of the traditional names that is thought to identify a person as part of a specific group. The name definition, based on the German might be, “member of the Gauts tribe. 

The Gauts or Geats, was a group of Germanic people who lived in the Southern part of Sweden. Receiving the name of Jocelyn would have identified someone with this specific tribe. 

The Spiritual Meaning of the Name Jocelyn

In this specific case, the name Jocelyn did not come about until the Middle Ages, so it was not found in the Bible. However, that does not mean that it can’t be a Biblical name. The different meanings of the name Jocelyn can help us identify moments in scripture where its meaning is found. 

The name Jocelyn reminds us of how we are no longer slaves to sin. Instead, according to our spiritual beliefs, we are servants of God. Beyond that, it can also remind us that we belong to the family of God. 

Jocelyn is a Reminder that We are No Longer Slaves To Sin

A major theme in scripture is that God sets his people free. We see this when Moses sets the Israelites free from the Egyptians, with God’s help. The Christian religion sets a premium on freedom from bondage. 

Galatians 5:1 says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” 

Jesus set us free from sin by dying on the cross. When we accept him, we are free from the penalty and bondage of sin. Therefore, Jocelyn can be a reminder that we are no longer hostages to the sin we struggled with. 

Jocelyn is a Reminder that We are Pledged to God 

Not only can Jocelyn be a reminder that we are set free from our sins, but it can also be a reminder that we are now pledged to God. We are set apart. 

Deuteronomy 14:2 says, “You have been set apart as holy to the LORD your God, and he has chosen you from all the nations of the earth to be his special treasure.”

One example of this is the Biblical character Tychicus. Tychicus chose to be a servant of God and Paul, despite being a free man.

Not only does God set us free, but He sets us apart. We are supposed to be different from everyone. Jocelyn can remind you that you are supposed to live pledged to God. 

Is Jocelyn Only a First Name?

Not only is Jocelyn a first name, but it can be used as a middle name and last name as well. Although many parents prefer shorter middle names, Jocelyn can be used as a middle name. 

Jocelyn has also been recorded as a last name as well. However, it is less popular than a middle name as it is a first name. 

The Gender of Jocelyn is Female

Jocelyn is most commonly used as a girl’s name. Jocelyn has been used as a female name for centuries. It is a feminine name, because of how it was used originally. 

Although nothing is stopping a boy from being named Jocelyn, it is not commonly a boy’s name. Many parents prefer a more masculine boy’s name like Brandon or Carlos. It simply isn’t a masculine name

The Name Joslyn As an Alternative

One alternative spelling to the name Jocelyn is Joslyn. Joslyn might sound similar to Jocelyn, but they are spelled differently. 

Furthermore, the letter “e” is pronounced in Jocelyn, whereas with Joslyn, it is not. 

Is Jocelyn a Popular Name?

Jocelyn is a unique name today. Although it became a popular baby name in the mid-2000s, it has come down in popularity since. 

In the United States, it is not a new name either. It has been around for decades in the US. Even though it was popular in the 2000s, it is not over-saturated. 

Jocelyn is a Good Baby Name

Ultimately, Jocelyn is a great baby name. It has a rich history, and it has multiple cultural significance. Jocelyn does not appear in the Bible, but its meanings can remind us of a few important Biblical themes.