What Does the Name Savannah Mean in the Bible?

Names have great meaning in our lives. They help identify us and communicate who we are to others. Names often appear in scripture and have even more meaning. But what does the name savannah mean in the bible? 

The name Savannah comes from the Spanish language. It means an open plain, and it has a couple different Biblical meanings.

What Does the Name Savannah Mean?

Origin of the Name Savannah

The name Savannah came from the Spanish language. Sabana is the Spanish word that Savannah comes from.

Therefore the origin of Savannah is Spanish. Spanish is a common language for the origin of names. Names like Luis and Carlos come from the Spanish language.

However, Spanish has many different dialects. There are many different variations of Spanish. Within its Spanish origin, Savannah comes from the Taino language. The Taino word is still Zabana, and it means the same thing. 

Taino is a native American language, but the native American word Zabana is present in other forms of Spanish. 

Although there are multiple origins of the name Savannah, both of them mean the same thing. 

Meaning of Name Savannah

Based on Spanish origin, Savannah’s name means open plain. Many names have numerous specific meanings, but Savannah’s name’s meaning is clear. 

Savannah’s name referring to the natural world is not uncommon either. Having a nature name is not rare. The name Landon also refers to a meadow. Many names refer to specific places and things in nature. 

The meaning of this name is clear, and it makes it one of the most meaningful names. 

Does Savannah Have a Strong Connection to the Bible?

Now the question arises, “Does Savannah have a connection to the Bible?” Well, although the name Savannah does not appear in the Bible, its meaning does appear in the Bible.

Since the name Savannah did not come about until the start of the Spanish language, it was not used in the Bible. The Bible was finished before the name Savannah came to be. 

However, the name Savannah can still be considered a Christian name because its meaning of “treeless plain” does make an appearance of a few Biblical references. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Name Savannah?

A Savannah in Abraham’s Story: A Place of Offering to the Lord

The idea of an open plain appears in the story of one of the most influential men in scripture. Abraham was chosen by God to become a nation that would worship him.

God promised Abraham land and a family, and Abraham set out in pursuit of those things. In Genesis 13, we see Abraham’s response to those promises. Genesis 13:18 says, “18 So Abram went to live near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron, where he pitched his tents. There he built an altar to the Lord.”

Abraham believed in God’s promise, so he left the place he was comfortable in to pursue God’s calling in his life. He was sacrificing his life to God. 

Savannah can be a reminder that we are a sacrifice to God. 

A Savannah in Psalm: God is a Good Shepherd

Another place in scripture where the idea of a Savannah arises is in the book of Psalms. Psalm 23:3 says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,”

In this moment of scripture, God is being shown to be a good shepherd. He watches over his sheep. He does this by leading his sheep to safety. Sheep tend to wander off, but a good shepherd guides them to still pastures. 

God wants to lead us into good places. Although we might travel through hard times, ultimately God’s goal is to bring us to a place of dependence and relationship with Him. 

Savannah can serve as a reminder that God is a good shepherd, who wants to provide for and protect us. The name Kimberly also refers to the idea that God is our shepherd.

Is Savannah a Popular Baby Name?

According to data from the Social Security Administration, Savannah is a relatively popular name. Based on the number of Savannahs being born in the United States, Savannah has been a popular choice for the past 20 years.

In recent years, choosing Savannah as a baby’s name has been chosen by many parents. Naming a child Savannah we popular throughout the 1900s but it didn’t take off until the 2000s. 

According to this chart, Savannah has been around in the United States for a long time.  This name makes Savannah, as a first name, a particularly unique name. Instead, it is a common name.

Similar Names to Savannah

There are a few different names that are similar to Savannah. Here are a few: 

  • Savannah
  • Savanna
  • Savana
  • Samantha
  • Viviana
  • Sabina
  • Evana
  • Suzanna
  • Ivanna
  • Johanna
  • Vanna
  • Selina
  • Johana
  • Sedona
  • Davina
  • Celina
  • Selena
  • Alannah
  • Alanna
  • Alonna

What is the Gender of Savannah?

Savannah has been used, almost exclusively as a girl’s name. Even among baby girl names, it is popular. There is little data on Savannah being used as a boy’s name.

Where does the name Savannah appear in Popular Culture?

There are few famous people with the name Savannah, but here are a few:

  • Savannah Guthrie
  • Savannah Outen
  • Savannah Churchill

Although Savannah is a popular name, it is not used much in pop culture. 

Is Savannah Common among Family Names?

Savannah is not a common family name. However, according to Ancestry.com, there are over 2,000 census records of the name Savannah, as a last name.  

That is not that many when you consider how many people there are in the United States. 

Can Savannah Be Used As a Middle Name?

Savannah can be used as a middle name, but it is rare. Based on the article, Savannah is most commonly used as a first name. 

Closing Thoughts

Savannah is a beautiful name. It comes from the Spanish language, and it means an open field or plain. Based on specific analysis, there are a few moments in the Bible where planes are mentioned.

Plenty of names have a similar meaning to Savannah, but none of them share the history and Biblical relationship that Savannah does.