The Spiritual, Biblical Meaning of the Name Rose

Rose is a beautiful name that has a rich history. It is a meaningful name that has been used throughout various cultures.

It might be the perfect name for a child. Naming a child rose is excellent, because it invokes the beauty of nature. Nature names are trendy, but Rose stands out from the others. It invokes the image of a beautiful rose. 

It is one of the historic English names, being popular all throughout the 1900s. 

Some names have many different meanings, however, Rose’s name is fairly straightforward. The history of the name shows that “Rose,” is an actual reference to the natural flower that grows. 

​In this article, we will be looking at the Rose name meanings and looking for the spiritual significance of the name as well. The meaning of Rose is clear and simple, but it is also incredibly meaningful.

Rose as a Flower-Based Name

The name Rose is based on the flower. As a flower, there are many different versions of it. There are red roses, yellow roses, pink roses, white roses, and even the rose of Sharon. 

All of the variations make it a beautiful flower, which is a great flower name for a baby girl. Baby names can be difficult to choose, but basing the name on the rose flower is a great option. 

The name Rose even has a great beginning, as it bloomed into a popular name. Let’s look at the Latin origin of the name Rose. 

The Latin Origin of the Name Rose

The name Rose actually has Latin roots. The name, Rose, came from the Latin word Rosa. In Latin, Rosa meant rose (the flower).

It is as simple as a flower, but the Germanic translation was different than the Latin. 

The Germanic Origins of the Name Rose 

The name Rose also may have been derived from the Germanic word, “Hrodohaidis”. Hrodohaidis meant famous type. 

Having been taken from the Germanic language, Rose might be the perfect name for people whose family is Germanic. As a Germanic name, it would suit your family well. 

As time progressed, language moved towards Old English, and Rose took on the Latin meaning. 

​In Old English

The name Rose also used to be spelled differently. English is always transforming and evolving, but what we see throughout history is that Rose actually used to be spelled in a different way. In what is called “Old English,” rose used to be spelled pretty differently. 

In the Old English variation of rose, the name was spelled “Roese,” or “Rohese.” Those are significant changes to the spelling, although the pronunciation has stayed the same. 

Now let’s look back and see how Rose translated into Hebrew.

The Hebrew Translation of Rose

The name Rose can be translated back to Hebrew as well. The Hebrew name Vered meant Rose. It was based on the Hebrew word Varda, which meant rose pink. 

Having been translated back into Hebrew, the name Rose might be considered a Hebrew girl name. Although it just describes a color, it can still be meaningful. You might consider that pink is a reflection of God’s glorious creation.  

There is a Hebrew meaning to the name Rose, but are there any Biblical references to the name Rose?

The Name Rose in the Bible 

Rose is not a specifically Biblical name. It has a lack of Biblical references, so it is difficult to pull meaning from the Bible. The word Rose was not common in the Old Testament or the New Testament. 

Although there aren’t many references to Rose in the Bible, there is one in Song of Solomon. The Song of Solomon 2:1 says, “I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.”

In Biblical times, or at least in the time of Solomon, flowers signified beauty. In Biblical contexts, flowers should be looked at as symbols of life and beauty. The woman speaking in this passage is proclaiming her own beauty based on the love that she has received from Solomon. 

This is a reminder to us that God loves us because he loves us, we should feel beautiful and honored. 

Rose is a name with some Biblical significance, so it can be considered a Christian name. As we discuss Rose through the lens of Christianity, we can draw even more meaning out of the name. 

The symbolism of the name Rose

The biblical meaning of the name Rose is simply the flower, but if looked at more intently, the name Rose can reveal great truths about God and people. 

There are a couple of Spiritual meanings to the name Rose that should be considered. It should be viewed as a symbol of love, beauty, and hope. 

Rose as a Symbol of Love 

As part of the meaning of the name Rose, roses can symbolize the love of God. When God created everything, He created it for His glory. He also created it so that people can enjoy it.

Roses are beautiful to look at, and the fragrance of roses is great. Therefore, they show God’s divine love for people. He cared so much about us that He even thought of creating roses to bring about pleasant experiences. 

God’s passionate love is displayed through the creation and presence of roses on earth. 

Rose as a Symbol of Beauty

Roses are also a symbol of beauty. Specifically, roses are a symbol of God’s beauty. The symbol of beauty that roses are, we are reminded that the creation of roses reflects God’s beauty. 

All creation declares the beauty of God. It is all a reflection of him, and the rose is not an exception to this idea. The beautiful rose demonstrates God’s beauty. 

Furthermore, roses are a sign of beauty, not just Biblically, but also throughout different cultures. 

Rose as a Symbol of Hope

Roses are also a symbol of hope and new life. The winter season often represents death and decay, but roses come out during the springtime. 

The weather warms, grass grows, and roses sprout up in the spring to signify a new season. No matter how bad winter has been, there is hope when the roses come out. 

Jesus Christ’s resurrection was like a blooming rose because it showed that there was hope for humanity. 

The Significance of the Rose to Catholicism 

Roses aren’t just significant to protestant Christians either. They are meaningful for Catholics too.

Within Catholicism, when people do certain prayers they hold a rosary. A rosary is a necklace of flowers. Usually, when people hold a rosary while they pray, they are praying the Hail Mary, which is a prayer to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. 

The rosary is a reminder to Catholics of Mary’s beauty and boldness in delivering Jesus. 

The popularity of the Name rose

As a first name, Rose has been one of the most popular names, especially in the early 1900s. Rose was consistently in the top 50 girl’s names from 1900 – 1940. That is a long time for a name to be popular. 

Beyond that, there are plenty of famous people with the name Rose. That adds to the popularity of it and helps to keep the name high in the rankings. 

After 1940, the name dropped in popularity until it began to rise again in 2010. In 2010, the name was in the mid-300s, but now the name is up to the mid-100s in popularity. Over the last decade, the name Rose has become a popular choice again. 

The name hasn’t just been a popular given name in the United States, but it’s also a classic name. It started to be used as a name in the Middle Ages but has grown in popularity since. 

Plus, the name Rose is popular as a middle name too. 

Gender of the Name Rose 

Rose has been a girl’s name for a long time. Being one of the adorable names, it is not considered masculine. So, it has typically been a Christian girl name and one of the popular girl names at that. 

Ultimately the name Rose signifies the hope, love, and beauty of God. Someone with the name Rose should be reminded that they are a reflection of God’s love and beauty every single day. 

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