The True Meaning & Origin of the Name Alexandra in the Bible

Alexandra is a beautiful name. If you are looking for a baby name, want to know what your name means, or are just looking for a girl’s name, you’ve come to the right place. Alexandra is a fairly popular name and for good reason. It is a pretty name that has tons of great meaning behind it. In recent years, the name Alexandra has grown in its popularity and regularity. 

Alexandra is a name that has been used both as a first name and a middle name, and it is a great candidate for either whenever you are naming a child.

Names should be powerful and should describe the person whose name it is. Alexandra is a name that has a rich meaning, and it sounds great. 

The name Alexandra is a beautiful name. But where does the name come from? What is the meaning behind the name? In this article, we will discuss the origin of the name Alexandra and its meaning. 


The name Alexandra came to be during the times of the Greek empire. Although the Greek empire was around for a long time, the name Alexandra was created during this time. The Greeks focused on powerful names that had deep meaning and the name Alexandra is no exception to that rule. 


Unfortunately, there is no mention of Alexandra in the Old Testament or New Testament of the Bible. It is not a specifically Biblical name, but we can only interpret the name from its Greek Origin that was created in the times of the Bible.

The name most likely came to be during the time of the Roman Empire that were around when Jesus walked the Earth. Alexandra, although not specifically Biblical, has become a very popular name among Christian groups. The fact that it is popular can be attributed to first the fact that Alexandra is a pretty name, and second that the name Alexandra has a powerful meaning behind it. 

Gender of The name Alexandra

The name Alexandra is a feminine name that should specifically be used for girls. It is not a baby unisex name, but it does have a different form for boys that will be discussed in the next section.


Alexandra is the feminine version of Alexander. The name Alexandra comes from the Greek name Alexandros. Alexander comes from the Greek name Aléxandros. Alexander is a masculine name. So, to determine the meaning of the name Alexandra, we have to determine the meaning of the name Alexander. 

In the Greek language, it was popular to create names that were simply combinations of other words, so that is how names get their interpretation. The name “Aléxandros” is a name that is a combination of a couple of Greek terms. “Alexein”, means to defend or to help, and “Andros” means man or people. 

Aléxandros, therefore, means defender or helper of mankind. The defender of mankind is a strong description of a person, but it can also be gentle. Just because someone is a defender does not mean that they are a warrior, it simply means that they stand up to defend people. 

Being the feminine form of Alexander means that the meaning of Alexandra can come across more masculine than feminine, but it is still a great choice when it comes to a baby name.


The Ancient Greek society had a system of stories and folklore called mythology, and the name Alexander/Alexandra does make an appearance in a couple of the stories. Beyond the language system, the name Alexandros shows up in Greek culture even more. In Greek mythology, there is a man named Paris who is also called Alexander. He appears in the Illiad. Although Alexander is handsome, he is not brave. Alexander ends up helping take down Achilles in the trojan war. 

Ultimately Paris/Alexander is a decent man who overcomes his cowardly nature. 


The name Alexandra is not necessarily a popular choice in the United States, but rather it falls far down the list of top names. Ranking at only the 168th most popular name in the United States, Alexandra is not used too much.

Many parents prefer to choose names that are less popular, so the name Alexandra checks that box when it comes to girls’ names.

 Common Nicknames

Alexandra has a few nicknames that are popular, and we want to help you find a cute nickname for yourself or for your child. 

A few nicknames are:

  • Alex
  • Lexie
  • Allie
  • Andie
  • Lex

These are all popular nicknames when it comes to the original name of Alexandra. Alex is probably one of the most popular options, whereas Lexie is another cute option on the list. 

Closing thoughts

Ultimately, the name Alexandra means defender of mankind, and it is originally Greek. It is the feminine version of the name Alexander, and it came from the Greek name Alexandros. Alexandros is composed of two other Greek words, Alexein and Andros. Alexein means defender or helper and Andros means mankind. Therefore, Alexandros, Alexander, and Alexandra all mean defenders of mankind. 

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