Best Modern Pulpits, Podiums, and Lecterns for Church

There are many different pieces of furniture that churches need. They need couches for the lobby, tables for meeting spaces, communion tables, pub tables, and so many more, but one of the most important is the church podium. Every congregation needs a good church podium.

Both church lecterns and podiums are an important part of the church experience. That is why it’s important to have a high-quality church pulpit. Beyond that many churches have moved away from the classic wooden pulpits and moved towards a more modern church pulpit.

Pulpit styles are important to the church’s identity. Although there is no right or wrong pulpit style, different styles of pulpit may better suit the different styles of churches. A roman catholic church will most likely require a different material podium than a protestant church, based on the style of the church. Regardless, Christian churches need a high quality pulpit. 

While some churches might opt for a pub table instead of a pulpit, a pulpit podium is a perfect option for any church that seeks to look professional.

In this article, we will discuss the different styles of pulpits, lecterns, and podiums to help determine the best ones for your style of church. There are some more expensive options as well as some with affordable prices, so be sure to check the price to find the one that best fits your church’s style and budget. 

Modern Acrylic Podiums, Lecterns, and Pulpits

Recently, many churches have pivoted towards plexiglass pulpits. The acrylic material of the plexiglass pulpits brings a modern design to the class design of the wooden pulpits. The Acrylic lectern is turning into a hot commodity when it comes to churches, as many churches want modern pulpits. Here are some of the best acrylic pulpits that modern churches will love:

FixtureDisplays® Brushed Stainless Steel Sides Pulpit

The FixtureDisplays® Brushed Stainless Steel Sides Pulpit is a modern plexiglass pulpit that is 4 feet tall, which is the perfect height for a church podium. It also has metal support on all 4 corners to ensure the stability of the stand. It has great reviews on Amazon. The podium looks great and would fit perfectly in a modern church. 

Due to the wide body of this podium, it has a more traditional look, however, the acrylic design strikes the balance of modern and classic. 

FixtureDisplays® 18″W X 12″D X 42.5″ H Acrylic Podium

The FixtureDisplays® 18″W X 12″D X 42.5″ H Acrylic Podium is a great compromise between a wide and a narrow podium. Although it is not metal-enforced like the previous model, it is a great option for a podium as it still has stability. 

CRYSFLOA Acrylic Podium

The CRYSFLOA Acrylic Podium is a great choice for an even more modern church. With a short lead time, this podium can arrive quickly. The stand is thinner, so it has a more modern look than the previous podium. 

The material platform is not as large either. It will still fit any notes that you might need to have with you during a sermon. 

Classic Wooden Pulpits 

The wooden pulpit is a classic. Wooden pulpits and lecterns have been used for a long time, so they are considered more traditional pulpits. Here are some of the best wooden pulpits:

Adir Podium Wood Stand – Standing Desk

The Adir Podium Wood Stand – Standing Desk is a dark wood podium. The material is more modern than the light wood podiums. This podium is durable, and it brings a classic but professional look to the podium. 

OEF Furnishings Floor Standing Lectern

The OEF Furnishings Floor Standing Lectern is a little lighter than the Adir Podium. It has a more traditional look without looking too old. Overall, this is a professional podium that is good for any church that has an older congregation but wants to appeal to the younger generation as well. 

Maple Hardwood Standing Lectern in Pecan

The Maple Hardwood Standing Lectern in Pecan is the most traditional of this list. This is a more traditional pulpit for a more traditional church. A squared base in a wooden material makes the podium sturdy. This lectern is perfect for churches with older congregations that admire a traditional approach to services. 

Modern Metal Pulpits

There is also the option of metal pulpits. Modern metal pulpits can be a great option for your church. The look sturdy and professional and can be a wonderful choice. Here are some of the best modern metal podiums for churches:

FixtureDisplays® Curved Podium

The FixtureDisplays® Curved Podium is one of the highest-rated podiums on Amazon. This lectern stands 47 inches tall, and it is made completely of metal. It differentiates itself by having a drink holder on the podium, in case the preacher needs a drink during their message. It is a radius-curved pulpit, so the speaker has more room at their feet as the podium comes out towards them. The curved podium is a black metal that looks sleek and modern. 

FixtureDisplays® Truss Podium Metal Wood Pulpit

The FixtureDisplays® Truss Podium Metal Wood Pulpit combines all the elements of both modern and classic pulpits. It has plexiglass material, as well as wood and metal materials incorporated in its design. A more traditional metal pulpit, this is a popular option for churches that want to appeal to a wide array of audiences. 

Kingdom KML2S Large Curved Lectern

The Kingdom KML2S Large Curved Lectern is another radius-curved pulpit that comes in a gray metal color. It has tons of space for sermon material and a wide base that brings great stability to the podium. This is a great church lectern for churches that want a staple lectern that is incredibly durable. 

In conclusion, there are a variety of styles, when it comes to pulpit design, and the church pulpits designs are important. From different materials to different styles, different churches require different options. Hopefully, these recommendations help you decide which church podium style is perfect for your congregation. 

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