21 Best Church Signs for Father’s Day Celebrations

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate with your church. A great way to set a fun environment for people as they come in for Sunday service is to have a church sign that says something funny. Church signs for Father’s Day need to be funny and truthful.

Mother’s Day sign saying can be more sweet and sentimental, but for Father’s Day consider using a dad joke to make a great first impression on all the people showing up to your service. Funny signs are a great way of welcoming your guests to your services. It makes them laugh and takes their guard down.

A funny church sign might be the greatest thing you can do to attract roadside visitors. People will drive by your church, and they will read your sign. If your sign is funny, it is more likely that they will consider coming to your choice. 

Again, make sure your sign is tasteful. Humor is subjective, so don’t choose something that is too edgy. If your humor is inappropriate you won’t attract people and you might lose some of your faithful congregants. Be smart about the signs that you put up.

In this article, I am discussing some ideas for church marquees and handheld signs that are perfect for church signs for Father’s Day. 

Church Marquees

The first sign that you should consider when creating signs for Father’s Day is your church’s marquee sign. The marquee is the sign that sits on the roadside of your church. It is the sign that drivers see as they pass your church, so it is important to have a good one. 

Coming up with sign sayings can be a challenging task, however. You want to be funny, but you also want to be tasteful. I’ve curated some signs sayings for Father’s Day that are perfect. Some of them are simple dad jokes, and others have to do with cultural references that dads should know. 

Although these signs are for Father’s Day, they should make the whole family laugh as they drive into your church. 

Marquee Church Signs for Father’s Day

Top 10 

  1. Use son screen to prevent sin burn

This sign is a funny sign because usually, you would use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Rather this sign is saying to use the Son, Jesus Christ, to prevent sin from burning our lives. 

  1. The best time to tackle a minor problem is before he grows up

This is a great sign for Father’s Day because it is funny and reminds fathers of raising their sons. 

  1. Free coffee. Everlasting life – yes, membership has its privileges.’

Most dads love coffee, so this sign would be great for Father’s Day. 

  1. Prophecy class canceled due to unforeseen circumstances

This is another dad joke that is funny because prophecy is supposed to see the future.

  1. I find your lack of faith disturbing. – Darth Vadar

The Darth Vadar sign applies to Christianity and Star Wars. It is a nice pop culture reference that dads will love. 

  1. Adam and Eve – the first people to not read the Apple Terms and Conditions.

This sign is a fun play on the topic of Apple’s terms and conditions. Few people read all of the terms and conditions when getting a new iPhone, so this is a dad joke about Adam and Eve doing the same thing.

  1. Tweet others how you want to be tweeted

Many dads love Twitter. This sign is perfect for that reason. It plays on Luke 6:31 where the Bible tells us to treat others how we want to be treated. 

  1. Looking for Mr. Right? This is HIS House!

This sign is funny because it sounds like some advice a dad would give his daughter. God is Mr. Right for people’s lives. 

  1. A Father is someone you can look up to. No matter how tall you get. 

This sign should get a soft chuckle. It isn’t laugh-out-loud funny, but it is meaningful.l

  1. The Father who knows best still looks up to the father who knows all.

This is another sign that is sweet. It reminds fathers that God is really the father we should be looking up to. 


  1. Happy Father’s Day. Spend time with both Fathers this Sunday.
  2. The older I get the wiser my Father becomes!
  3. Need a father figure to look up to. Try ours!
  4. Remember your Heavenly Father on Father’s Day!
  5. A parent’s life is a child’s instruction manual
  6. Having trouble sleeping? We have sermons
  7. How do we make holy water? We boil the hell out of it.

This might be one of the funniest signs on the list, but it is a little edgy. People might not like the use of, “hell,” in such a flippant way. If it fits your church, use this sign, but if your congregation is older, this might not be the play. 

Church marquees are a great way of communicating the culture of your church to the people in the community. Hopefully, these marquee sign ideas have been helpful, and you have found one that fits your congregation well. 

Now, onto the other type of sign, the handheld sign. 

Handheld Signs

Another sign that you might invest in for Father’s Day is handheld signs. Handheld signs are the boards that your volunteer team will hold at the door, in the parking lot, or in the lobby of your church. 

These signs are supposed to be welcoming posters to help the guests feel honored to be there. When it comes to handheld signs, there are many places you can order signs from. In this portion of the article, I’ll show you some of my favorite handheld signs from different retailers. Of course, these signs should be purchased beforehand, because they take a few business days to come in. Purchase these a couple of weeks before Father’s Day to ensure that they come in on time. 

Church Banners has a handheld church sign shop that has tons of great options to choose from. Here are some of our favorite handheld church signs for Father’s Day. 

1. Happy Father’s Day FD012

This handheld sign is a great sign for Father’s Day because it has some things that fathers love on it. You can see on this poster that there is a bow tie, a coffee, and a wallet. These are all items that might be associated with a dad. 

This sign also says, “Happy Father’s Day!” on it. This is a welcoming sign, that will make fathers feel special. 

2. Father’s Day FD020

This is a simple sign that fathers will appreciate. It has a rustic, worn font that looks manly. It is simple, but it is a great option for a Father’s Day sign. 

3. Father’s Day FD015

On a red background and with a mustache, this sign is perfect for Father’s Day. The red pops out, and the mustache is a fun stylistic choice.

4. Happy Father’s Day FD007

On a background of a father playing with his son, this is a sweet handheld sign. It says, “Happy Father’s Day!” which is simple, but perfect for the occasion. This sign will remind dads of the joys of being a father. 

Overall, there are so many more options to choose from, so be sure to look through Church Banner’s entire Father’s Day catalog. 

Father’s Day is truly special, so having church signs for Father’s Day is a great decision. I hope that this article has helped you to come up with great signage for your Father’s Day services.